you're ready for a change, you just need to

find your thing.

Whether you're tired of being in the rat race, ready to make something of your own, or just want to know what your options are - Find Your Thing will take you from wondering to knowing your next step.

Made for you - the dreamers, creators, hard workers. No experience, expertise, or plans required, just an open heart and some self-awareness.

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Every person has an innate, God-given gift. Something that flows out of them & blesses others. Could it also be an avenue to a new kind of freedom?

In 2018 I was a stay-at-home-mom with a lot of opinions, a newbie podcast, & no idea what I was doing. In three years I scaled that into a business that replaced my husband's corporate salary in three months & allowed him to come home for a full year while he built a business of his own.

You can take back your time & change your path.

You don't need to be an influencer to be successful online.

My path put me in the world of content creation and being reluctant influencer, but yours doesn't have to. Content creation may just be a part of your journey, not the majority, or your experience could be similar to mine - podcasts and blogs and links do make for a lot of fun! Either way, there is space for your gifts and voice online.

There are options you've never dreamed of in the new frontier of online business, things you're already fully qualified to do, you just don't know it yet.

The Find Your Thing Workshop helps you evaluate your abilities, convert your natural gifts into a small business, & make an impact for yourself, your family, & your community.


Find Your Thing

An intentional workshop-style course helping you hone in on your gifts & use them in online business.

I want to take your content creation course, but I don't know WHAT I want to do. If I had a dollar for every time I receive a DM along these lines, I'd never work again. The work ethic, drive, & desire are all there, you just feel stuck on the first steps. Five years ago, I was in your shoes. Today I get the honor of coaching and educating small business owners of every size, in dozens of industries, generating thousands in income - all doing something they love & are naturally talented in.

For Find Your Thing, we're figuring out your first steps into the world of entrepreneurship  & answering questions like:

Do I understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
What kind of impact do I want to make?
What comes naturally to me?
How can my current vocation convert to small business?
What industry am I best suited for?
& more

module one

Are You

Next Lesson →

To lay down your desires and consider that what you want could be holding you back from what God has for you?

One of the worst parts of entrepreneurship is the isolation factor - not having anyone to talk to about your dreams & desires. Spend a little time with me as we ask ourselves some hard but necessary questions before we step into the world of business. After this module you'll know the best and worst parts of this world and have the confidence to start unpacking your natural gifts & how they can make an impact in your life. 

Encouragement, Willingness, & Reality Checks

module one

Together we'll walk through the exercises I use in coaching to help students find what the Next Right Thing for them is, but this time we're finding your First Right Thing. We'll hone in on your God-given gifts through a series of questions and self-reflection, eventually finding your place in the Gift Pillars: Education, Creation, Service, & Production.

Impact, finding your abilities, & the Gift Pillars.

module two

It's generally agreed that there are 8 Online Revenue Streams. The purpose of module three is to find your ideal revenue stream & put your boat in the water (see what I did there?) With your gifts, impact, & desires clear, we'll walk through all the online options until you find the perfect fit. 


module three

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Sounds awesome. What's the cost?

the second you enroll, you get lifetime access to:

My 4 core guided trainings (value: $550) &
the find your thing workbook
(value: $75)

a total value of $625

But let's be honest, I'm all about a deal and making these resources as accessible as possible. I want you to be able to figure out what's next for you and give you the tools to start running, so you can grab the Find Your Thing workshop for just...

evaluate your abilities, convert your natural gifts into a small business, & make an impact.

Will I be behind if I buy it now and go through it later?

Not at all! With instant access to the content, each student will go through the material in their own pace. Because this course is so intentional & personal, people will cover it at different rates. You're never behind here.

But maybe you have some questions.

clearly i believe in this workshop.

I'm super busy, how much time is this going to take me?

The recorded content is no more than 3 hours, so not long to watch it all. What will take time is the reflection & slowing down enough to hear what God has for you next. We're all busy, but if it's important - you'll make time.

I'm a _____, is this a good fit for me?

If you super love your job and are content with your current work situation, then no. This isn't for you. Otherwise - your vocation, field, or experience don't matter. We're going to find your thing & the next right step.

What if I purchase FYT and realize it's not for me?

Due to the digital nature of Find Your Thing, there are no refunds after purchase. This is to protect our small business & intellectual property.

How do I access the course content?

I'm obsessed with our course platform, Kajabi. User friendly, easy to navigate, & it even has a mobile app! Our community is on the Geneva app.