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Insiders Small Group Coaching gives you the tools you need to make dreams reality and stop spinning your wheels.

Next application window is December 5-10, 2022 & we've upped the ante - the group now runs for either 6 months or a year, giving you even more of Blake.

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But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

You really could do it yourself. I mean, I have. But why learn all your lessons in the school of hard knocks when you could learn from someone who's gone before you? That's what Insiders is. Inside, I'm giving you the keys to the kingdom - every idea, system, trick, & piece of encouragement I have to help you along your way. Whether you're just getting started or you've been at it for 10+ years, there's something in Insiders for you.

real results

"Blake generously pours out everything she has into you and your business or ministry."

She’s open and available. She holds nothing back. But here’s the part that’s been life changing (and everything I asked the Lord for in a business mentor) - she reminds you to hold fast to the Word God has given you about your business or ministry at every turn. She’s got audacious faith to believe that God will be true to His Word in and through you, and THAT has made all the difference for me.  Now, I’m completely unstuck. I’m focused. I’m excited. And my business and ministry are growing. 

- erica, podcaster


" I've found a cheerleader, sounding board, and strategist in Blake."

Getting to be a part of a group of women who are encouraging each other to scale their businesses has been huge for my confidence. Getting to have one-on-one training and coaching from Blake herself has been a massive blessing. She is the real deal and might care about my own growth even more than I do! These 12 weeks with Blake were packed full of practical steps to reach my goals and grow my business even quicker and more effectively than I dreamed.

- mary, real estate agent


insiders is for you if:

you want to grow social media

Learn effective and not-gross habits and methods that can help you grow your social media platforms

you're ready to level up your podcast

Learn from Blake's experience of starting a show with no expertise and growing it to be a top Christian podcast

you're in the small biz world

Avoid toxic work habits by learning how to establish boundaries, business hours, & honor God in your work

you're ready to start making money

Learn what God has to say about making money and find effective tools to earn income online

you want to write a blog or book

With over 15 years of blogging experience and a book on the way, Blake can help you on your way to hitting publish

you want to coach or create courses

These are the things that took B's business and income to the next level, &  she'll teach you all of it!

"I've found a cheerleader, sounding board, and strategist in Blake."

Getting to have one-on-one training and coaching from Blake herself has been a massive blessing. She is the real deal and might care about my own growth even more than I do! These 12 weeks with Blake were packed full of practical steps to reach my goals and grow my business even quicker and more effectively than I dreamed. 


" Blake's magical power of cutting to the quick was EXACTLY what I needed."

Even when the Lord called me to switch gears from biz growth to ministry development halfway through Insiders, Blake didn't miss a beat. She affirmed that obedience is always best and immediately jumped on board with my new direction!


"Whether you're just getting started in your business or you are 10 years in (like me), this program is amazing."

You get so much attention which is what I really wanted, where other programs and 1:1 you might get 5-10 mins on a Zoom with 20-50 other people, Insiders is different! You get so much of her time. Blake really is invested in your business and your success. Plus, she brings the Christian background and that is something you can't hardly find anywhere else and is so important when building a faith-based business.


"I’ve done a lot of programs and courses over the years, but none have been as valuable as the Insiders with Blake."

I have seen more momentum and traction in my business in the last 3 months with Blake as my cheerleader, sounding board, and voice of experience than I have for the entire first year of my business combined. It’s like having a really talented, experienced friend at your fingertips to flesh out ideas, hype you up, get you going in the right direction, and answer your 264946 questions that pop up anytime you start something new or have a fresh idea. 


"Within literal DAYS of signing on with Blake, things started moving. Two months in and she had me clarifying my sound and my community while INCREASING the pricing on my offerings."

You’d think that would drive folks away, but instead…My women’s discipleship membership GREW. I actually sold my online health programs on evergreen . . . something I’d never done before. And even after completely changing the growth model we were following inside the women’s ministry I lead (after ten years of doing it one way), our committed members pivoted, hunkered down and became partners with us. It was amazing!


"The amount of support and encouragement Blake offers in the midst of growing a business is incredible."

She gives you access to all of the “secret formulas” that few mentors in the space want to share - and she does it joyfully. She gives you so many resources like RYR and BBC.

Working with her has given me the confidence to actually *do* all the business ideas in my head. She’s the best cheerleader!



"Since I joined Insiders I've revamped my services and pricing and hired someone! Having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of has been so helpful."

The thing about being an entrepreneur is you miss out on that aspect of the office of talking through things with co-workers or having people to help you problem solve. This is what Blake did for me. It was someone I could say "okay, I need to do THIS" and she would give her input and then I could attach a due date to it and be held accountable to it by her! I'm so grateful for this time in Insiders and honestly if I could sign up again and again I would. If you need someone to just help you figure out what you don't even know Blake is your gal. Thank you SO much Blake! I'm so grateful!


let's be real.

you are worth investing in.

I spent way too much time thinking my business, ministry, and gifts weren't worthy of investing in. I was afraid I wouldn't get a return for my investment, that I would look back in disappointment. But overtime I've learned the opposite to be true.

The more I invested in myself, the more I believed in myself. The more I was able to learn from others, the more I had the ability to turn around and share with others.

This is worth it. Promise.
Friend, you are worth investing in. 

you're right, let's go

what's inside:


One-on-one access to Blake from 10 AM - 2 PM, Monday - Thursday for either six months or a year


Monthly one-on-one check-in calls to track progress, assess needs, & keep moving!


Access to every program and course we've ever created

yeah. that's a lot.



Apply + Join

Applications open once a quarter and with limited spots, the team faithfully prays over each. You'll know if you were accepted the Monday after you apply!


Intro Call

First things first, let's get to know each other. Book your 20 minute one-on-one with B and talk through your dreams and make some plans.


Get Rolling

Now it's time to get going - we've got 12 weeks of talking nearly everyday and joining in community to make your dreams a reality!

With Insiders,


+ GAIN confidence & knowledge

+ find what works best for you

+ see a big return on your investment

+ get the kick in the butt you need

want something like that?

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okay, so

What's the Cost?


6 month membership

unlimited voxer access w/b

facebook mastermind

access to all programs

monthly trainings


One year membership

unlimited voxer access w/b

facebook mastermind

access to all programs

monthly trainings

payment plan: $1,550/month

payment plan: $1,458/month

How does Insiders differ from Run Your Race?

Insiders is like Run Your Race went through whatever made the Hulk the Hulk. It's one-on-one coaching, helping you apply the principles covered in RYR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to be full-time to do Insiders?

Not at all. You can be, but it's not a requirement for you to apply or for you to get a ton out of what's inside.

Can you help me come up with ideas or do I need to know what I'm doing?

While it's helpful if you have a general idea what direction you're heading, we have so many ideas ready for you to get started on!

How long is the time commitment?

Up to you, we offer either six months or a full year!

Do I need to be established or can I just be starting out?

There is no right answer here. We've had women go through Insiders who have been in business for 10+ years, and other who haven't launched a thing yet. All welcome.

Where will everything be held?

One-on-one communication will be on Voxer. Mastermind on Kajabi. Monthly trainings on Zoom.

I started from nothing, with no help.


Picture this: it's 2018, the number on my Instagram isn't even at 1,000, and I've decided to start a podcast. I get told no more than yes, get boxed out of most Christian circles, and am ready to give up. But God.

He wouldn't let me give up and now I know why, because His plan all along was to bring me the hard way so I can go back and help you. No gimmicks, no gross tricks - just the solid business truths I've learned along the way.



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