Confessions of a

Crappy Christian

Real-Life Talk about All the Things Christians Aren’t Sure We’re Supposed to Say--and Why They Matter to God

None of us are perfect, that much is clear. But why can't we be more open about it? We whisper our concerns and convictions in hopes no one finds out and decides we're something that we're not. We struggle in silence out of fear people will know we don't have it all together.

Forget that. Ready to break your silence and find your brave? You need this book.

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Why does it so often feel like Christians can’t talk about the real, hard stuff in life?  


everyday struggle.

If you’ve ever felt this way or wished someone would talk about things like forgiveness, mental health, broken friendships, redirected dreams, sex, facts versus feelings, church hurt, rest, weakness, healing, and more in honest, down-to-earth terms while sticking to what Scripture has to say about them, you’ve come to the right place.

 "You’ll be encouraged by Blake’s stories. God’s love for you is perfect, even when following Jesus doesn’t feel easy!"

Candace Cameron Bure

"If you have ever felt like you don’t fit, like your personality or strong opinions are just too much"

actress, producer, New York Times bestselling author

My friend Blake Guichet shares insights that will help you see
the beautiful truth that God’s love and grace are the only currency you need—because in Christ you are enough. Let go of trying to rely on your own strength, your own power, and your own wisdom by
truly understanding the freedom Jesus purchased for you.

Rashawn Copeland

"This book is power-packed with stories, biblical insights, and practical applications"

founder and CEO of Blessed Media, author of Start Where You Are 

I got sucked into this book the moment I started reading it. Blake’s voice is fresh, real, bold, and so very needed. Confessions of a Crappy Christian will invite you to break free from the pressures of a polished and perfect Christian life and instead relax into God’s goodness while enjoying being
who He created you to be. You will laugh, cry, and let out a deep sigh of relief. You will feel lighter after reading it, and that’s something we all need more of in our world. you’ve just found it.  

Christy Wright

"I’m so thankful for brave women who say the things that no one else will say. Blake is one of those women." 

national bestselling author of Business Boutique, Take Back Your Time, and Living True.

With poetic precision, Blake dismantles all the ways hustle culture gets it wrong. Her words are a needed breath of fresh air in a world attempting to suffocate us with illusion and quick fixes. Her transparency and honesty are the balm we need. 

Bethny Ricks

"This is THE book!"

speaker and faith-based leadership expert 

Unafraid to go there, Blake candidly guides you through honest conversations on everything from healing to sex, and she shares stories, thoughts, and biblical insights in both a digestible and thought-provoking way. If you’re looking for a resource that tackles the tough stuff . . .
you’ve just found it.  

Jordan Lee Dooley

"In a world where many Christians sugarcoat (or completely avoid) the real and hard conversations, this book is refreshing."

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Own Your Everyday

I wrote this book

for you.

+ if you've ever thought you’re too messed up for church

+ if you feel exhausted and alone in your struggles

+ if you think you need to complete a checklist before God will love you

+ if you need a friend who cares about you too much to let you stay stuck

+ if you struggle to remember where your worth comes from

+ if you feel useless in your weaknesses

+ if you've ever felt like too much or not enough

+ if you struggle in your friendships sometimes

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