Affiliate Disclosure

I often use affiliate links on Instagram and on my website. What does that mean? It means that if I’ve used a product or service (whether I spent my own money or the company sent it to me) and I enjoyed it. That product or service has an affiliate program & I signed up for it. Then, when I tell you about that product or service on social media or my bwesite, I link to it using my affiliate link.

If you decide to buy something using one of those links, I get a little kickback from you using my link or code.

If you've followed me long enough, you know that I would just as soon floss with barbed wire than make money off of you on a product I don’t even actually like or use. We both know this, but, alas, the FTC wants to make SURE you know this because they care about you.

And that is why I wrote this disclosure and gave it a whole page on my website – to ensure you can make an informed decision before clicking on an affiliate link. 



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