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It's not too late & you didn't miss the boat. If you know you're supposed to start a podcast or it's time to take your show to the next level, then it's time for you to join GET LOUD: a podcasting course that goes beyond surface level so you can too

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Get Loud

with the girl named blake

say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and hello to the podcast of your dreams!

You just need a podcast blueprint that streamlines the process, simplifies the industry jargon, and makes creating and sustaining a podcast easier than you ever thought it could be. You can get your stories and gifts to the people waiting for them. Build the podcast empire you’ve always wanted while making an impact in the lives of others.

+ Figure out what sets you apart from the millions of other shows out there
+ Learn what you actually need (& don’t) from a podcast pro
+ Create excitement and hype around your podcast 
+ Find unique ways to monetize your podcast
+ & more

trust me, it's time.

+ time to Stop dreaming about being a podcaster and actually do it

+ time to stop letting fear keep you from doing the next right thing

+ time to Push aside the confusion about what you should and shouldn’t do

+ time to Get all the insider information from someone in the industry

+ time to Stand out in the noisy world of podcasting by knowing exactly who you’re talking to

Let’s make a plan to get loud

there are over


50% of them don’t make it to 


But you’re not going to be a statistic.

You’re going to focus on standing apart, offering insane amounts of value, and providing quality, impactful content to an audience that loves you. It’s possible, probable even.

You just need a guide.

The only podcast course that teaches you how to stand apart & can make an impact without stressing out. Now you can let go of stress and confusion knowing you have the podcast blueprint to success.



It's absolutely vital that you know what your intentions are for your show - things that will set you apart from the millions of other podcasts and allow you to get straight to the heart of your audience.

Inside this module, we'll walk through:
+ What Sets You Apart
+ How to Offer Value
+ Perfecting Your Delivery
+ The Power of Starting Small


module one


What's behind your podcast is what will make it great, but you need to deliver on quality for it to climb the charts. Everyone from the DIY podcasters to the ones with entire teams need to know what's inside this module.

Inside this module, we'll walk through:
+ Your Recording Space & Sound
+ How to Record High Quality & Speak Confidently
+ Editing & Posting Your Show (w/my longtime podcast producer!)


module TWO

Whether you're starting your very first podcast or you're in Get Loud to re-brand and revitalize your existing podcast, the launch & hype phase takes work, but it's supposed to be fun. Get my tried-and-true launch formula.

Inside this module, we'll walk through:
+ Making a Launch (or Re-Launch) Plan
+ Pitching Guests
+ Creating Content
+ Establishing Your Show Online
+ Getting It Out Into the World


module THREE

Social media is a vital part of a successful and impactful podcast, but it can be overwhelming running multiple platforms at once. Let's streamline the process and get you up and running.

Inside this module, we'll walk through:
+ What Your Social Presence Looks Like
+ Should You Have Multiple Accounts?
+ Reusing Content Across Platforms
+ Connecting with Other Creators


module four

In this highly personal module I get super honest about what it takes to be a podcaster in the good, bad, & ugly. Join me as we pull back the podcasting curtain and talk intimately about things like failure, rejection, wanting to give up, and how to stay in the podcasting game, even when things get hard.


module five


module six

I'll be honest - monetizing a podcast is notoriously difficult, & in my experience, anyone telling you it's easy is lying. It takes time, investment, & consistency to make your podcast a successful revenue stream, but there are ways you can leverage it for income in the meantime.

Inside this module, we'll walk through:
+ How Long It Can Take to Make $$$
+ Making Money While You Grow
+ Multiple Revenue Streams

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So What's the Cost of All This?

Sure, you could definitely start a podcast without ever taking a course. You could learn by trial and error and still be relatively successful at it.

Or, you could get all the insider information from someone who’s already done it.

You could skip the figuring it out stage, start putting proven plans into action, & getting your podcast out into the world to every single person who is ready to listen. Jump into Get Loud and get everything you need - whether you’re waiting to start or ready to take your show to the next level.

with Blake Guichet

20 Lesson Course & 30+ Page Playbook ($797 value)

My 6 Pitch Email Templates
($47 value)

The Podcast Launch Planner
($47 value)

Podcast Metric Tracker Pack ($47 value)

Check 'Yoself: Podcast Audit
($37 value)

The Get Loud Podcaster Community ($100/month value)

total value: $1075+

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one payment:



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Being a podcaster can be isolating, behind your microphone all day. But we're taking care of that problem with the Get Loud Community - the best place online to meet your fellow professional talkers, connect with potential guests & friends, & banish the podcast loneliness!

Grab your seat today and join the Course Crew Community!

free bonus!

meet the girl behind the mic

i would never have believed i'd be a top podcaster with millions of downloads.

I launched Confessions of a Crappy Christian on my 30th birthday and nearly lost my mind when it got 100 downloads the first day. Today that same show is downloaded over 200,000 times a month. 
I started with a $30 microphone and absolutely no idea what I was doing. 

In this course, I'm drawing back the curtain and telling all the insider information about the good, bad, & ugly of being a podcast host.

This is how you can stop dreaming about podcasting and actually do it.

Look, I'd be lying if I said Get Loud is for everyone. But if you've been asking yourself questions like:

how can i ensure my podcast doesn't sound like all the rest?

why should i start a podcast, like...what's the point?

what kind of setup do i need?

how do i execute a successful podcast launch?

How do i manage social media for my show?

what are the hard parts of podcasting i should prepare for?

then you should join the waitlist

What if I don't have a podcast yet?

Then you’re in the right place! While we were creating Get Loud we did it with two people in mind: those who want to start a podcast and those who have a podcast that they want to take to the next level. If you don’t have a podcast yet, this is the perfect time to jump into Get Loud and learn it all before you take any first steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for people with existing podcasts too?

Also yes. While there may be a few pieces that you’re already familiar with, a bulk of the content in Get Loud is positioned to be for beginners and experienced podcasters who still have more to learn about scaling their show and making it the highest quality possible. 

How much time is this going to take me?

Get Loud is meant to be gone through in six weeks - the first three weeks are preparing and planning so that you’re fully prepared for your next steps, and the second three weeks are walking together through the remaining content. But you can absolutely go through it at your own pace & refer back anytime.

Do you offer refunds if I change my mind?

Due to the digital and immediate nature of Get Loud, there will be no refunds after purchase. 



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